cMirror has officially been replaced with cTrader Copy - a superior service that takes copy trading to a whole new level for both - investors and strategy providers.

cTrader Copy is a premium copy trading solution, tailored for commitment-free investing. Boasting advanced risk management tools and detailed strategy profiles, the service is fully-integrated into the cTrader platform for an ultimate trading experience.

Why cTrader Copy?

Equity-to-Equity Copying Model

An Equity-to-Equity ratio model is built for precision and advanced risk management. The volume to be copied is defined based on the strategy provider’s and investor’s equity, taking into account any allocated amount changes from deposits or withdrawals.

Separate Copying Accounts

Every followed strategy is placed in a separate copying account, ensuring a clear vision of each strategy’s performance for superior analysis and risk management. Additionally, an Equity Stop Loss can be applied per strategy, and increasing or decreasing funds can be allocated to any strategy of your choosing. For maximum convenience, fees for each copying account are also calculated independently.

Flexible Fee Structure

As a strategy provider, you are free to charge any fee of your choosing: from volume-based commissions to performance and management fees, as well as a combination of either. You can also set a minimum investment amount for meaningful returns.

Advanced Analytics

Offering some of the most advanced analytics in the industry, cTrader Copy is tailored for your personal advanced analysis. Charts can be adjusted to specific time periods, all important information on Time Weighted RoI, Balance vs. Equity, Breakdown of Traded Symbols and History of Followers has a convenient visual representation, and your favourite strategies can be bookmarked for easier access.

Free Strategy Promotion Tools

Not only does your cTrader Copy strategy profile allow for a lot of supporting information, granting your investors the full picture, but it also allows you to showcase and promote your strategy on any external website by means of an embeddable code.

Dashboard Convenience

The newly-redesigned dashboard displays all your copying accounts with followed strategies, and allows you to modify settings or analyze strategies in a matter of a click, saving time and bringing you one step closer to expert trading.

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